Mahdia Ahmina

I’m a Dutch woman who is down to earth, has a realistic view of what is going on in the world, who loves meditation, yoga, healing, spirituality, nature, Cellphone photography, music, singing, growing vegetables, cooking, who’s also interested in healing energy, paganism, witches, shamanism, Crystal’s, rocks, lightworker but also darkness.

Hello and welcome to my WordPress blog.

Due to my sincere concern about what enormous danger humanity is facing by certain people who are horny for power to control the world and force their will up on all of us, have i become very critical and do quite some research to get the truth out there, to be helpful and share positivity to connect with as many people as possible becouse the very existence of humanity itself is at stake here.

My posts will be mainly English but also in my native Dutch language.

Mijn laatste posts

  • My heart & my mind
    🏳️‍🌈 My story:What’s in my heart is between me and Allah (swt), Inna ma’iya Rabbi sa yahdeen…Truly my Lord is with me, He will guide me through 🤲🏻♥️ Allah (swt) is The Most Forgiving اَلْغَفَّارُAl-Gaffār Even if your sins are as much as the foam of the see, when you do your repentance and seek … Lees verder My heart & my mind
  • Happiness from Darkness
    I’d like to share a new experience that i had recently with darkness and the beauty of it. Since a while i made sure that when i goto sleep the bedroom is pitch black, as dark as a grave. When i turn of the light and darkness surrounds me completely then something realy amazing happends, … Lees verder Happiness from Darkness
  • My Life My Choices My Rules
    I’m a proud Transwoman, who will finally get her srs (sexual reassignment surgery) in februari 2023, already counting down 😊 Besides being transgender im also interested and active with spirituality, Crystal’s & rocks, healing energy and sending energy, grounding, tarrot and on top of that being a lightworker who also works with darkness. Recently i … Lees verder My Life My Choices My Rules
  • Loneliness
    When the day arives, loved ones pass away you’re staying behind with the hole in your heart to stay. The sorrow, the tears, the last words at the tombstone to say, step by step, it will slowly fade away. Hit by the silence it’s still so unreal, Missing you tremendously, cant even describe what i … Lees verder Loneliness
  • 💖 Peace & Love & Light 💖
    #TogetherWeStand💕When we all#StandTogether💕Because we#StandUp4HumanRights💖Because we#StandUp4Humanity💖 #NeverGiveUp💞 💖 Peace & Love & Light 💖 0